Caught in between - The travel journal novel of Stefan Asemota

The english Travel Journal novel of STEFAN ASEMOTA entitled Caught In-Between” has just been launched!

Here is an excerpt...

« For perhaps the firs time, we get a front row viewing of that it feels like to be caught in between fatherhood and divorce; being culturally rudderless and constantly subjected to cultural segregation; love and letting go: acceptance and denial, and everything in between »


"Dig into mystery and chaos in a young man's life,where love, status and sex aren’t the only things blooming in the heart and life of a young Swiss / Nigerian man living in Benin City. Caught In-Between captures the existential insecurities of a young man, battling the complex ironies of being raised with a broken cultural compass. Yet in this darkly woven prose, the poetic confluence of humor and pain characterize the putrid instincts of humanity, and humanity’s quick-wittedness in a casting macabre judgment based purely on how odd the shade of ones skin is".


Paperback or eBook versions can be found on the companies publishing website (instructions in German)

Caught In-Between is also available on the following Amazon domains:





BoD -  Book on demande Norderstedt

ISBN 9783739248059       106 pages /

Simon Mocong pour MiA-culture  / Stefan Asemota  

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